Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

This type of system produces one of the purest forms of water available, removing 99% of all contaminants from water leaving behind almost only water molecules.

reverse osmoses

These RO systems have a multi pre-filtration system, after which the water passes through a membrane rejecting all contaminants including bacteria. The purified water is stored in a pressurized tank for later use. These systems produce a relatively small amount of ultra pure water (from around 150 litres per a day) due to their high rejection percentage of dissolved minerals contaminants found in water, in comparison to normal filters.

These Reverse Osmosis systems are normally used for potable drinking purposes, but are also used in hospitals, laboratories, marine industry and industry where the purest of water is required. Reverse Osmosis systems are available in different configurations to suit individual needs. Some systems have booster pumps for areas with low water pressure. Other systems have different pre-filtration cartridges to suit local water conditions.

Reverse Osmosis machines produce ultra pure water but also produce what is called waste water. The amount of waste water produced is dependant on the quality of the incoming water. Although it is called waste water this water has been through triple filtration before being rejected by the Ro machine this water is more than good enough for showering or using in the garden or to flush your toilet. This waste water may contain bacteria if your source of water comes from river or borehole. If the source is muncipal it should not contain bacteria.

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