Shower Water Filter


Shower water filters have become more popular as studies are starting to link lung cancer to showering. When the water from a chlorinated shower hits the floor, minute particles of water and chlorine gas are atomised and dispersed into the air which can be easily inhaled. Over long periods of contact with chlorine and chlorine gas, cancer can develop. Chlorine is Carcinogenic and should be removed from your water supply.


These are available with a ½ inch inlet and outlet. They have a KDF*- 55 cartridge so will be able to filter water at temperatures up to 60°C and will remove heavy metals and chlorine from your shower water.


The specifications are as follows: 

  •  Has patented KDF-55 filter.
  •  The cartridge is bacteria static.
  •  Removes the free chlorine from the shower water.
  •  Removes heavy metals.
  •  Pressure range 5~90 PSI
  •  Temperature Range 4°-C ~ 60°C
  •  Effective Flow I GPM
  •  Body material ABS
  •  Service Life 8000 ~ 12000 Gallons


*Kinetic Degradation Fluxion


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